1. Connie Crothers/Virg Dzurinko Two-Piano Quintet
    New York, New York
  2. Dina Maccabee
    Los Angeles, California
  3. Schimscheimer Family Trio
    Oakland, California
  4. Moser-Dresser-Anderson-Modirzadeh
  5. Sarah Bernstein
    New York
  6. TranceFormation
    New York
  7. Andrea Wolper
    New York
  8. Ava Mendoza
    New York
  9. Ben Goldberg / BAG Production Records
    Berkeley, California
  10. duo B. :: Jason Levis + Lisa Mezzacappa
    Berkeley, California
  11. Bruckmann . Pluta . Young
    Chicago, Illinois
  12. Prasant Radhakrishnan
    San Francisco, California
  13. Michael Coleman
    Brooklyn, New York
  14. Aaron Bennett
    San Francisco
  15. ron shalom
    New York
  16. Jordan Glenn
    Oakland, California
  17. Devin Hoff
    New York, New York
  18. Goldberg Brown Anderson
    Oakland, California


MINUS ZERO Oakland, California

Minus Zero is a musicians' collective for human rights and social justice. 100% of the money received (after Bandcamp takes its cut ) is donated to Planned Parenthood. We hope you enjoy the music and encourage you to check out all the different artists presented here. ... more

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